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Commercial Properties

Our Commercial Division is headed by Director Vic Cooper. With 15 years experience in Spain helping buyers and sellers of residential property we can help with every stage of a commercial purchase. We also partner with one of Spain's largest Commercial Agents, Business Broker Spain.

To browse a wide selection of commercial properties and businesses ranging from 20,000€ to 35,000,000€ please click the links below. Alternatively if you are interested in selling you business please contact us by calling (0034) 966 182 344 or emailing

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Purchasing a Business in Spain

Buying a business in Spain is a relatively straightforward process, particularly if you are well advised and are dealing with professionals with first-hand experience in the market. Here at Sunworld, our management team between them have more than 50 years experience in the sale of businesses in Spain. We doubt sincerely if there is another agency with this level of experience. As a buyer you have no fees to pay us at all. All of the businesses we sell are commission inclusive with all of our fees being paid by the vendors.

 Sunworld offers impartial advice and helps you through every step of the process, and the golden rule we tell all clients is this 'If you wouldn't do it in your own country don't do it here'. Our role is simple, we provide you with sound advice and recommend quality legal representation if needed to help you avoid the pitfalls. Our services to buyers include all of the following and more!

Personal Guidance & Viewings
Business Planning 

Supplier Negotiations 

If you are buying a bar or restaurant you will want to make sure that you get the best terms from your suppliers. Our contacts and expertise will ensure that you can buy your products at the best prices, thus making certain that you run your new business as profitably as possible. We partner with one of the leading Bar & Restaurant Consultancy businesses in Spain 'Bartech Services'.

Lease Negotiations

We will negotiate favourable lease terms with the landlord of your business, if purchasing a leasehold.

Conveyancing Introductions

It is essential that you obtain good legal representation and from someone that speaks you language.

NIE Numbers

In Spain, we each have individual financial identification numbers, much like a social security numbers in the UK. For foreign nationals this number is called your NIE (Numero de Identification de Extranjeros), once allocated this number is with you for life and is both you VAT registration number and personal ID number. You will need this number prior to opening your new business and an important part of our services to new buyers is to guide you through the simple process of acquiring it.

Guide to Purchasing a Leasehold Business

Firstly, obtaining finance from a bank to purchase a leasehold if very difficult in Spain unless you can guarantee the business against a property. The agreed price you are paying for the leasehold is paid in full on signing of the purchase contracts and the lease agreement with the landlord. In normal circumstances a deposit of €8000 or 10% (whichever is higher) is payable. The deposit secures the business and is non-returnable. Completion of the purchase can be done within 10 - 14 days.

Standard Length of Lease

The normal lease length is 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, on a rolling contract. You have an automatic right to renewal of the lease providing you pay the rent on time and keep within the terms of the lease.

During the Lease

Payment of the agreed rent on a monthly basis will be made. The business can be run in accordance with the terms of the lease (i.e. a bar or a shop). Refurbishment of the premises can me made to the decor etc., but any structural work, permission from the landlord will be needed. Utility charges are the responsibility of the leaseholder. The landlord is responsible for external repairs. The rent will increase only by the rate of inflation each year. On renewal of the lease, negotiations on a new lease price and terms will commence approximately 2-3 months prior. Upon renewing the lease you do not have to pay again for the business.

Selling the Lease

Normally you can sell the lease within a certain time frame of commencing your new lease contract, and the landlord will usually have in the contract that you will need to pay him a percentage of the price you sell it for. Permission will normally have to be granted to sell from the landlord and he to agree the purchase with a prospective new tenant.

Freehold Opportunities

Purchasing a business freehold is exactly the same as buying a home. You will receive the deeds to the property. Obviously you can then lease your building and generate an income from it.



    Investment Projects Our Commercial Division is headed by Director Vic Cooper. With 15 years experience in Spain helping buyers and sellers of residential property we can help with every stage of a commercial purchase. We also partner..